Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whats on your soul?

I am a doggie mom, aka; parent of pooches. I have two adorable fur balls that leave "behind" evidence of their presence all over my yard. Frequently I or my hubby, and occasionally my twenty something son take turns scoopin' poop. Recently it was my turn to hold the golden shovel and go digging for buried treasure. So there I was a poop scooping away in reckless abandon. Unknowingly I was up to my instep in the brown messy muck. I roamed from one spot in the yard to the other aware that the undeniable fragrance of eau de doggie was becoming stronger no matter how fast I scooped the poop into the pooch poop pickup.

I looked down and much to my dismay, there it was all over the sole of my new white tennis shoe. Now one of my biggest pet peeves has always been doggie doo on my shoes. I sat down in the carefully surveyed plot of grass and commenced to removing the doo with a stick, while holding my nose with my free hand. As I sat there digging into the intricate little grooves on the sole of my shoe, I began to think about sin and Jesus. Now I truly don't know how the connection was made so swiftly in my cerebral cortex, just know that there is a lesson to be learned here.

Life is full of sin! We try to avoid it, yet it always gets stuck on our soul leaving dirt and muck in it's wake. Some of us diligently walk through life trying to avoid the piles of muck while others just give up and settle to wear "hip waders" and some just wallow in the stuff. What we fail to understand is that no matter how we try to stay clean and shiny, our souls will get dirty. Jesus is the ultimate in scooping the muck off our lives. The bible says in Psalm 103:"He does not punish us for all our sins he does not deal with us harshly as we deserve".

We don't have to scoop the poop off of our souls before we come to Jesus, we come to him and he cleans us up with his "special whitening brightening power". Jesus lets us get dirty. He is patient as we struggle on our own, he knows eventually we will tire of trying to clean the mess up alone. When we finally do come to him for help, he is willing to help us clean up and forget our past mistakes Psalm 103:12 "He has removed our sin far from as the east is from the west".
Exhausted we come to Jesus as little children, he is right there waiting with the scooper, clean shoes and a great big hug!

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