Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Limited access? NOT! You can't put a limit on GOD!

It has been quite a long time since my last entry, and it is funny how we let life's difficulties get to the bottom of our souls sometimes. I was attempting to connect to the internet today to do some much needed writing and found that I had no connection or so I thought to my router. So I, being the computer savvy high tech twenty first century mom that I am, attempted to venture into the "matrix" of my computer. Doing so I believed, would determine the malfunction that was causing my issue of not being able to connect to the super information highway in cyberspace.

I went over to the router, and shook it, made sure that there was indeed a connection . I sputtered from the cloud of dust that arose from the bottom of the little blue box, and then scurried back to my laptop. Intently, I began searching in earnest to inspect all of the connections, crawling around on my hands and knees to see if I had lost a cord somewhere under the sofa. My dogs were curiously sniffing my head and licking my ears, as I got up off the floor. With knees cracking, as I stood up, I swept the dust bunnies out of my hair. I could not see any spare cords floating around. All connections appeared to be good.

Now I was puzzled and as I scratched my head, I got the bright idea to go into the connections menu in my computer to see if I was indeed connected. Because, you see, as I previously mentioned before, I am a high tech computer savvy twenty first century mom! I clicked on the icon in my tool bar and the bright green bars that read internet connectivity to my system were strong but the little blinking window showed a sad picture of a computer with input going in and nothing coming out and a caption that read "limited access" By this time I was beginning to get extremely frustrated with my lovely laptop. I clicked on one trouble shooting window after another and still came up limited access and had entertained visions of throwing my laptop through my sliding glass door.

In my discouragement, the Lord started to show me how we think of his ability to help us in times of crisis and difficulty. We see all the sorry issues of our lives as a cut off to the Father, yet this is where God does some of his best work and is connected to us closer than we could ever imagine. Life happens and we feel that God is silent and not listening to us, or he is angry and punishing us. We cry "when will you save me?" " Why did you do this to me? " When in fact it is quite the opposite. I am not saying that God does not discipline. Nor does he not correct or judge wicked people, but he does create circumstances in our lives to bring us back to him, especially when we create limited access to him through our own choices and sinfulness. Sometimes we get on a path that really takes us "out there" into lost cyberspace, and God, in his infinite mercy, patiently trudges along in the bumps and ditches of our lives and seeks us out and he firmly,yet lovingly brings us back by the scruff of our rebellious necks. We think he has abandoned us when it is really the other way around. Yet, no matter how far we may wander away, how limited we make our access to God, he is always ready and available when we call out to him and he re -routes our connection to his ever loving arms by way of his son Jesus Christ.

My laptop works by way of a router and God works by way of his word. When a router is properly synched with a computer, a lovely miracle of connectivity happens between the cyberpal and the computing device. When we are following the Lord through consistent prayer and communion with him by reading the bible, our lives will be full of the blessings that God has promised us through his inerrant transforming router; the living and breathing word of GOD. The bible says in Luke 19:10 "For the son of man came to seek and to save what was lost." Ezekiel 34:16 "I will seek the lost and bring back the strays." God is in the business of creating pathways where there seems to be no way. He cares about every single minute detail of our lives. We always want his assurance and his confirmation that he is connected to us. We think we are in disconnect to God when things in our lives spin out of control, yet God is there, reconfiguring our connection to him and all we have to do is call upon the name of Jesus and he hears us and our connection to him becomes stronger and clearer than it was before.

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